Networking Session

NFT Drop Event

*깜짝 NFT 드롭 이벤트 : Proof of Attendance – POAP

컨퍼런스가 진행되는 3일 동안, 세션 사이사이, 또 네트워킹 파티가 열리는 Gather Town 등 곳곳에 숨겨져 있는 단어를 찾아주세요!

매일 한단어씩 3개의 단어를 조합하여 한다오 HanDAO 디스코드 ( 내의 MetaSeoul 2021 채널 >> POAP-Bot에게 조합한 단어를 Direct Message(DM)로 보내주시면 메타서울 “POAP NFT”를 드롭 받게됩니다!
( 이번에 받게 되는 NFT가 미래에 어떠한 가치를 지니게 될지는 차차 알아가 보세요 ~😉 )

참여 예시 ) 세션 중 등장하는 숨은 글자 찾기 조합 방법
첫째날- New,
둘쨋날- Meta,
셋째날- World = NewMetaWorld
HanDAO 디스코드 내 POAP-Bot에게 조합한 글자 “NewMetaWorld” 보내기!

🎖Surprise NFT Airdrop Event: ‘Proof of Attendance’

There will be 3 code words that will be shared with MetaSeoul 2021 attendees that you must combine into one to obtain a special Proof of Attendance (POAP) badge for attending MetaSeoul 2021! Be sure to collect your MetaSeoul 2021 POAP, there may be exclusive airdrops and features for all who own one!

Each day of the MetaSeoul 2021 conference will reveal one of the 3 code words. It is your job to collect each one. On the third and last day, you will have all three code words that you will combine together (with no spaces) to create the final, master secret code word that you will use to collect your MetaSeoul 2021 POAP!

The code words are hidden between sessions, networking chapters, or from a particular person on a daily basis!

Once you have the master secret code word, hop on over to the HanDAO Discord Server, go to the ✨-metaseoul2021 channel and DM the @POAP-bot with your master secret code word!

Once you DM the secret code word, the POAP-bot will give you a link to claim your MetaSeoul 2021 POAP that may be used for exciting, exclusive prizes in the future!

Here’s an example of how the process will look!

Day1: New
Day2: Meta
Day3: World
Send the combination “NewMetaWorld” to POAP-Bot on the HanDAO Discord.